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Wepa Houston, Michy Here!

Michy’s is a small family-owned and operated Chino Boricua restaurant. This means Chinese Puerto Rican!

My family left China when I was two years old for the warm embrace of Puerto Rico.  The people of the island welcomed us into their community with open arms and we knew we were home. My parents set up roots and they opened their first small restaurant in 1992.

Growing up in Corozal, I spent my days enjoying the beautiful weather outdoors and my nights working at my parent’s first restaurant, Fu Hou.

In the 20 years of operating the restaurant, we have perfected the fusion of Chinese flavors with the unique taste of Puerto Rico.  When
my family came to Houston, we were once again welcomed into a vibrant and diverse community and decided to add our flavors to Houston’s melting pot. 

Michy's first opened its doors on May 2021. We are here to bring a pleasant memory of island life to our fellow Puerto Ricans and give the broader community a taste of that Chino Boricua style we all know and love. Our fast and casual food is always fresh and made to order. Michy’s is ready to serve you whether your take it on the road or decide to come in and dine at our relaxed location. 

Thank you for your support and patronage!
Michelle ( Michy ) Lao

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